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Hello homins, I would like to take this time to explain to you what I have been working on.

I have created a new Alt which I will play every day for a lengthy amount of time. During the online hours I will be encouraging players to interact with me in a full role-play manor, this means that you become your toon and can only communicate using knowledge that you have acquired through roleplay. (Any experienced players are expected to have a backstory leading up till present, or at least be prepared to answer questions directed at your past.)

All out of character information will be indicated in brackets so we can continue to roleplay without confusion.
Example: Tovah says: I am growing tired from all of this walking, I think i'll take a seat over there by that tree while you continue. (brb need to take my dog for a walk)

See how I used an in character explanation to explain my absence? It's not hard.

Together as a group we will learn the history of the world of Atys, the star signs, religion, we will organize adventures, meditation groups, training groups, get to know each other based on our individual character personalities and much more!

This is a good break away from grinding, you are free to come and leave as you please so long as you do not disrupt the group roleplaying.

Please put some thought into your character, http://en.ryzomnomnom.com/wiki/Main_Page is a good site that you can use to acquire some racial thought into making your character seem more three-dimensional. Try to know your character as well as you know yourself in the real world. Decide your strengths and weaknesses, your fears and dislikes, don't be afraid to get creative for example a Tryker who is afraid of water and worships the Kami because they share a common interest with you.

The sky is the limit in this roleplay, and I have several guilds who have offered to help provide gear and treks when needed, but this is not to be taken advantage of as it will be acquired through roleplay.

My time-zone is Atlantic and I attend collage from 8am till noon on monday to friday, but from lunch till roughly 11:30pm I will be on Ryzom actively roleplaying.

I will also be forming a roleplay-only guild and anyone who shares my passion for this idea is welcome to join, but this is mainly just to let everyone else know not to disturb this clan when we are in session. (easier to recognize a guild than it is to recognize my name.) But this is not a requirement, as I stated above any player is welcome to come and go as they wish at any time.

Feel free to leave comments here or message me in game if you wish to play a part, or to help me organize. All contributions will be appreciated, as this is mainly for the community's benefit.


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Some of us do this already and this thread actually belongs in the Events (OOC) (Arispotle) forum as it is definitely not in character.

As far as the using parentheses for OOC chat, I personally find it better to use (( double parentheses )). There's no mistaking what (( )) indicates, some players use ( ) to indicate something muttered: (Foolishness) What? Oh, I said I hope your trek flourishes!. They can also be used to show subtle action (head shaking) There is a much safer route to Pyr than through the Roots.

((Double parentheses)) also discourage OOC chatter a bit as they are a bit more involved to type. One other thing to consider strongly is the use of a dynamic channel for all OOC chat. /channel OOC

As far as RPing as a break from grind or whatever, I RP while I grind.

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Topic moved to appropriate thread.


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This sounds amazing. I hope to encounter you in my travels.
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