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I've been playing so much with the BM icon visualizer over the past weeks, I ended up designing guild icons for every tribe on Atys. I figured I'd share them here for the few people who like that kind of lore speculation, and I got the idea instead of presenting them as a boring list, I'd tape every icon on a giant map of Atys in the location of the tribe's camp. I think the result is quite pretty.

(Huge picture so it may take a while to load and no doubt the forum will shrink it down, just click it to see the full thing.)

I started playing with this because I felt it was a shame that whenever a tribe played a role in events, the EM-controlled tribe members had quite bland and nondescript guild icons. However, now I realise why, as many of the tribe icons I ended up making turned out to look quite similar to existing guilds' icons, which could lead to unfortunate implications. :P

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Now as for the technical details: For each tribe I used the two colours that are already established officially as the tribe's colours through their uniforms. This often results in different colours than I would've chosen but makes the icon more authentic, I think. The symbol and shield were completely my choice, as was whether to make the symbol black or white.

I've used every existing symbol at least once, and tried to minimise using the same symbol more than once, though it was inevitable a few times because there are more tribes (51) than available symbols (44). I've given all 3 monkey tribes the same symbol because that just felt appropriate. Other than that, the symbols I've used double have been for the tribes that have 'sap', 'seed' or 'goo' in their name. If they don't mind having similar names, they don't mind having similar symbols, right? ;)

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nicely done. If you check the wiki (http://atys.ryzom.com/start/app_wiki.php?page=/projects/puben/wi ki/L_Tribes e.g. ) you can find the correct logos for some tribes as well (not all of them, some others will from time to time show up at government meetings, especially among the Tryker Taliari where several tribes have representatives).

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Only 5 tribes have official logos, but those official logos are artworks far more complicated than ingame guild icons. For those 5 tribes I tried to approximate their official logos as well as is possible with guild icons.

The Taliari representatives from 3 tribes do have guild icons that could thus be considered the official ones for those tribes. But I doubt there's an official list of guild icons for every tribe that they're drawn from. They're probably improvised by the Event Team. :)

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I like the logos, and seeing them remembers me how few of the existing symbols are really available in the game. It would be cool if the symbols from the webkits would be available in the game.


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