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This idea is for specialized crafting stanzas purchasable from specialized crafting trainers. These specialized crafting trainers would be craft specific: armor crafters, weapon crafters, ranged crafters, etc.

Each trainer sells a set of special stanzas for 1000 craft points each. The stanzas offer a percent chance that one attribute for items in their craft will get a 10 point bonus. To illustrate, a master weapon crafter buys the parry bonus stanza. From then on, any weapon they craft (if they have the stanza on the craft) gets a x% chance of getting a 10 point bonus to parry.

This would allow crafters to craft truly individualized items.

- Expanded -

Optionally, each race may only have several stanzas with little overlap. A fame requirement would have to be met.

Or, perhaps more balanced, each race would have access to all, but the fame for each would be different. For example, with melee stanzas, Matis trainers may offer speed bonus at Fame 50, parry at 75, damage at 100; Fyros may offer damage at 50, speed at 75, and parry at 100; etc.

Or, the trainers may be tribal...with each tribe having only once stanza for each craft type (one armor, one melee weapon, etc). A fame requirement would have to be met.

Or, once again it could be a matter of tribes, but it could be like the more balanced racial option described above.

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I had similar idea while ago: http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/?page=topic/view/6808/6#6
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