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To Download & Register: click here!

Join the competition to celebrate the official release of the Ryzom client for Linux and win a Netbook Linux ZaReason Terra-HD or its cash equivalent ($450)!

To participate, you just have to find 7 Linux Steles scattered around Silan and answer their questions. Think carefully before answering, take your time and don't guess because you can't change your answer. Once you have answered all questions, your contest entry is valid. The contest ends on 10 January 2011 at 09:00AM GMT. At that time we will randomly draw among the players who correctly answered the most questions to decide the three prize winners.

Note that only one participation per person is allowed. If you create several accounts and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified.

You can participate in the contest with both the Windows or Linux client, and you don't need to have a paid account to join; just create a 21 day free trial account.
To Download & Register: click here!

The Ryzom team reserves the right to cancel, invalidate or reject the participation of a player should the contest rules or Terms of use of Ryzom be violated.

1st prize: a Netbook Linux ZaReason Terra-HD or its cash equivalent ($450).
2nd and 3rd prizes: 1 year subscription to Ryzom

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