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Welcome to Atys Transcendence! A new and improved Atys collective of humble but focused players. We are FYROS / KAMI aligned and take immense pride in our support of Ma-Duk and similarly aligned guilds. We do EVERYTHING from fame missions, trekking, heavy grinding (power leveling), Event participation, Boss Hunts, more grinding, and enjoying the company of all Homins on Atys. Any race is welcome to join us on our journey. We are a guild currently using Ventrilo to voice chat, and we urge you to experience Atys from every angle and most of all have fun!

PvP = Yes
Role Playing = Whatever you want ;)
Guild HQ = Pyr (Fountain St)

Best regards and safe journeys,

(Guild Leader)

(High Officer)



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We really encourage positive team play with any Homin regardless of race;
I would say faction but there are those who presently intend to overthrow our home, Pyr, and our Fyros brothers and sisters who dwell there.

We WILL cleanse this living planet of the wreched beings who call themselves Karavan and we WILL seek out the Dragon of the Myth with the Omnipresent power of Ma-Duk, The Life Giver!!!



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Last time our ancestors went to dig up the Dragon, they discovered the kitins instead and it ended in a mass invasion of the Old Lands that nearly eradicated hominkind from the surface of Atys. Be careful what you wish for, *smirks*


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Kamis and Fyro, up to no good as usual I see.

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*claps* Good to see more Kamis and Fyros. I expect good things AT.


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