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I'm joining the ranks of those who have left Atys.
I've my own reasons for doing so, and those of you who know me already know them. My leaving has been a long time coming. I've spent too long haunted by the memories that fill Atys for me, and I've lost myself in them.
Though my time here has ended, I have cherished my time on Atys, and it has been a pleasure to know every homin I've met. You've all made my time on Atys a joy, and I'll always treasure that.
*huggles Atys tight*
May Ma Duk light your paths, and may you find only beauty and light ahead of you.

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It is sad to see you go Aera. You were always so kind and a great friend. May you have fun and be happy wherever you head to and perhaps someday you shall return to the wonderful rootball. Till then Aera *hugs*


Meagy :)
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huggles aeralove ! Atys will miss you and so will its homins


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I didn't know you well - but really liked you - so many really nice peeps are leaving - will miss you Aeralin - take care and enjoy :)


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Enjoy your journey Aeralin.


Peace, Luv & Cookies,

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Farewell may your journey be fruitful. Perhaps one day you'll return.


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:( bye aera so sad to see you go :/ *glomps for the last time*

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*huggles Aeralyn* will miss you.


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I will miss you Aeralin. :( *huggles* And I will miss our treks around Atys.


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