Would it be possible to not only show the number of posts to a thread but also the "views"?

Or even only the "viewers" (only one view-count per account?)

There are often much more viewers to a thread than posters. It's quite discouraging to see how little resonance a thread gets. Not many posters might think it's meaningful to start new threads without much (or any) feedback.

But seeing that much more people do actually read the threads, only they just don't like to put up answering-posts, this count of "views" alone might encourage posters to be more active in the forum.

For example: I would have stopped to write reviews for events a long time ago in the new RP-forum if I hadn't found out by chance (by looking at the univere-chat I think?) that actually some people not only have read it but also appreciated to be informed about what happend. Even though not even one of them wrote something like that as an answer nor contacted me directly...



I completely agree, that would be a good thing to do :)
And not only here. The RP-Wiki-Board needs some love too ^^



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Wow, you already put that count in?
I am very thankful to you!

After only one day? This is astonishing! You must have prepared this beforehand, admit it :D

Thank you very very much! *jumps for joy*





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