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2. Milles Dodoine. Chief Explorer from Silan

#3 [fr] 

3. Mabreka Cho
5. Zakkk
7. Kiwalie (Cercle du Bois d'Almati)
8. Jazzy Mac'Plantey (Bai Nhori Drakani)

#4 [fr] 

1 : Wu She Peng
6 : Aen
4 : Osquallo

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Kyriann Ba'Zephy Rie
Cheffe de la guilde Bai Nhori Drakani
Mère de famille

#5 [fr] 

Par contre, je sèche un peu sur celle du milieu. Serait-ce une allégorie des bars Matis ?
En tous les cas, le vert glauque y ressemblerait fort !


Kyriann Ba'Zephy Rie
Cheffe de la guilde Bai Nhori Drakani
Mère de famille

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5 is an unauthorized clone !

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Dear physiognomists,

Looks like Ryzom will soon dispense with displaying the characters' ID cards above their heads!

Congratulations to Hayt (2.Miles Dodoine, the very first Tryker met by the refugee I was), to An-Nair (3.Mabreka Cho, the most impressive Zoraï I met as ambassador, 5.Zakkk, the kindest and most tanned Matis I know, 7. Kiwalie, my "Serae Quicksilver" to whom I wish the best, and 8. Jazzy, to whom I owe some kind collaborations… and hot arguments), and Nair Kyriann (1. Shepeng, my first mentor on the continent, and 6. Aen, the Desert Blade).

But sorry, Nair: the remaining luciogram is not that of the Sigisbee, no… and your ironic allusion to the attendance of our bars (very low, I confess) did not come better.

PS I don't think so, Fyrosfreddy: apart from his own progenitors, no one is responsible for his appearance :-)

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#8 [fr] 

5.Zakkk, le Fyros le plus aimable que je connaisse
Ohhh ! Zakkk n'est pas un fyros ! Puisqu'on vous dit que c'est un Matis venant des Chutes de Virginia, d'où son teint naturellement hâlé... ;-)


Ducocinnio Nono, dit Duke Nono
Noble Matis, artisan de la maison noble La Firme
Gardien du Royaume et Béni de Jena

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The solution (at last)

And cheers again to all of you!

Post-Scriptum for Nair Kyriann: the central illustration IS NOT an "allegory" of the bars of our magnificent cities, but a Karavan teleporter in action (luciographied from above).


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