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Hello Atysians!

Let’s shake things up here!

We are launching an Atyswide PvP Championship to find and crown the best fighter amongst us! (and have fun during RL Quarantine).

Date*: 1h - Holeth, Frutor 30, 4th AC 2607
Place: Silan Arena!

Mandatory pre-registration until 1h - Quarta, Frutor 10, 4th AC 2607 ** by Izam-Mail Bonfante(Atys) informing: Name and members of your team.


2-Homin teams
A maximum of 50 Sap Crystals q500*** per fighter and fight allowed. No other crystals allowed. A security check will take place before fighting rounds.
Weapons and Armor will not be provided, each participant must bring his own.
No animals in fighting area
Rounds will be randomly determined until a winning team is selected

Entry price: 5 Million Atysian Dappers per pair (2.5 per fighter )


1st Place:

2nd Place:

* 04. April 2020
** 03. April 2020
*** Actual amount will be defined over the next few days

Pure observers will not be rewarded by ShadoWalkers, they are welcome to participate by supporting their favourite Champions and will be allowed to bet separately for a winner.

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#2 [en] 

Time for event:
Saturday 4 April 19:00:00 UTC (3 months hace)

Time for last sign up:
Friday 3 April 19:00:00 UTC (3 months hace)

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Heavy Armor, Eurok'an and Weapons specialist


#3 Multilingüe 

Hello peuple d’Atys,
Secouons un peu l’Écorce !

Nous lançons un Championnat atysien de combat PvP pour trouver et couronner le meilleur combattant parmi nous !
[HRP] Et nous amuser pendant le confinement.[/HRP]

Date : 1h - Holeth, Frutor 30, 4th AC 2607*
Lieu du tournoi : Arène de Silan !

Préinscription obligatoire jusqu’au 1h - Quarta, Frutor 10, 4th AC 2607 ** par Izam express à Bonfante (Atys) en précisant le nom de l’équipe et le nom des membres.

Frais d’inscription : 5 millions de dappers atysiens par équipe à payer le jour du tournoi pour participer.

Règlement :
Équipe de deux homins ;
50 cristaux de sève de q500*** par combattant et par combat. Aucun autre cristal ne sera autorisé. Un contrôle de sécurité sera réalisé avant le début de chaque combat ;
Pas animaux dans la zone de combat ;
Les combats seront tirés au sort jusqu’à désignation de l’équipe gagnante.

Grands prix
Première place :

Deuxième place :

*Saturday 4 April 19:00:00 UTC (3 months hace)
**Friday 3 April 19:00:00 UTC (3 months hace)
***La quantité définitive de cristaux autorisée sera définie dans les prochains jours.

Les spectateurs ne recevront pas de récompense mais ils sont les bienvenus pour encourager leurs équipes. Les paris seront autorisés mais non surveillés.

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#4 [en] 

Livestream on #Player_Event ShadoWalkers' Trial of prowess!


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#5 [en] 

about "weapons and armors will not be provided" part:

Since we have now real "medicore" all 50 (1/2) stats choice generic mats of different colors - how about to make special "raw" match/contest?

All weapons and armor parts will be crafted here on place using those choice generics.

Sides will be in different color (purple team / turquoise team for example).
Weapons will be choice generics too. Pure raw.

Yes, problem will be with jewels, predictible resistances.

#6 [en] 

I'd like to applaud the organizers and everyone involved for coming up with and the organization itself of this event.
well done!

also thank you heernis for the stream.

i had fun.


#7 [en] 

Who would like to see a parody?


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In Vino Veritas

#8 Multilingüe 

On behalf of SW, I would like to thank all competitors and spectators ... in extremely complicated times like this, we must show unity and support, and events that reflect unity in our community. We thank everyone involved in the organization, the game development team and Heernis productions for the live broadcast ... I congratulate the winners Zarden and Meubli you deserved it ..... Wait for the next !!!!!

#9 Multilingüe 

Multilingüe | English | Français
It was great!

The teams in competition

The public (west)

The public (east)

And my champions won the trophy!
And it stuffed my pockets full of dappers!
And there I found a Matis who'd been wandering around for ages!

Fila mai, therefore, to the organizers *bows respectfully*

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