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The recent discussions in the ideas forum about more storage and in particular the requirement of having temporary storage available at dig locations made me think that we as players could maybe organize something to help with this situation.

The idea is as follows:
We have a player guild where you can join with your alt. Members of this guild will distribute their pack animals at designated locations with the purpose of sharing them with other members of the guild.

So for example, I want to dig in place A so I ask in the guild if somebody online has a mek available at or near place A. If so I obtain the mek, I dig and craft and after I'm done I either return it to the person I got it from (if that person is still online) or I keep it (at the alt) and wait for the next person requesting a mek at place A.

The downsides that come to mind are that you always need a packer slot free at your main and you need a subbed alt for the packers or you need to relog when a packer is requested.

There are probably more things to be worked out, but I'd be interested to know if this idea has any merit in the eyes of the community.


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could be very useful, only for subbed accts, but also very useful surely..

+ from me therefore for this idea also
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