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how to solve this?

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Have you already tried to increase the quality and details?


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I always play with maximum quality

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A bit more information would be nice :-)

Operating System?
Graphic Card?

This problem is really not common.

Maybe add a clean client.log? (remove the old one, start the game, shutdown the client)

Post it here in a Spoiler:

Is the Problem always there, or only in some area?
Maybe you have a heating problem with your GPU? (Some GPUs have this strange behavior sometimes)


I guess you understood :-) Without information, nobody can help.

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Intel i7 3.2GHz
Intel HD graphics 4000
8GB Ram
500 GB in HD
Windows 10

that's all i know. Thanks!

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With that information I can only say that integrated graphic chips like the INTEL one have such behavior sometimes. Not only in Ryzom.

I had a Intel GPU and it worked not properly. I replaced it with a NVIDIA GPU. Then it worked perfectly.


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Maybe try to add a client.log here. Then someone can have a look if something strange is written there.

Here are the locations of the profile for each OS: https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Ryzom_location


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I don't think the problem is because of the processing power.

this problem did not exist before. when I already used this configuration.

my two desktop computers have integrated graphics card and this notebook also. in both it works normally. but recently this problem has appeared

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I think that this problem does not deserve much attention. thanks for trying to resolve.

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Switch graphics driver Ryzom uses. It might help or not.
Its not that intel graphics is weak, just that intel drivers for windows does not have good compatibility with ryzom.
Intel on linux works fine for example (opensource mesa drivers).



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Which OS are you using? Are you using Ryzom installer?

Are you able to try fresh Ryzom installation to see if it appears there?

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I would not blame the Intel integrated graphics here. While integrated graphics may be weak compared to the average 2020 PC, especially a gaming rig with a GTX 10/16/20-series video card, Ryzom is a bit old and therefor not as demanding as more modern games, so Intel HD4000 should handle it just fine. I ran Ryzom on far weaker GPUs.

However, I concur with Karu and Heernis that the Win10 driver for said Intel graphics is a different story.

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Switch graphics driver Ryzom uses. It might help or not.
To expand: you have to find the Ryzom Configuration program (ryzom_configuration_qt_r.exe on Windows), and then under the Display category you can change the driver. See below:


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