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I am hopeful that i am using the new installer, since so much seems to be now in keeping with the new patch as had been announced.

But how to be certain that i am actually using the new installer from ryzom.com rather than that older one that downloads files from Sourceforge?

How about not just version nr + (live) but version nr + date created / updated?
Or the /version info showing that be automatically shown at start of gameplay after logging on?

Additionally (see motivation below) one should be able 24/7 to view info confirming the correct version being used (suggest pinning that in forum plus viewable during play) including to whom to turn (when they be also online reachable) for person-to-person confirmation.

Motivtion: since the old software be known to be still able to run, then it might afaik act precisely as does the new software (exception being whence it downloads its update files being not ryzom.com but still Sourceforge <-- which only an insider such as a dev or GM be likely to know or normally even to care about)

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#2 [en] 

Current version is, see Help > About to know version of your installer.

By the way, updated installer version is probably in folder with your client installation, I think it comes with client updates.

...one should be able 24/7 to view info confirming the correct version being used...

If we were able to modify older versions being already around Internet, we could fix those paths and would not need such thing. If I understand you well, this is not possible.

Besides, once you have the client installed and using the installer just to launch Ryzom, it is a little pointless. Patching client itself has nothing to do with the installer. The problem is only with new installations, please use latest installer version in such case.
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