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Rocketchat does not seem to be working. It does not load for me, :(
This is 2 days now.

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It works ok for me...

Are you using web at or a stand alone client?

The RC was upgraded to new version recently.

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Having same issue ...

Both access via Browser and access via RC App acess just get this

EDIT:  How I fixed it

In Rocket Chat App:

1.  Right click the RC Icon in upper left
2.  Select Remove Server
3.  In the window that appears, drop in ""
4.  Click the "Open Chat" / "Sign in to talk" lines and insert your Ryzom log in info

In Rocket Chat App:

1.  Don't use your bookmark
2.  Paste "" in your url window
3.  4.  Click the "Open Chat" / "Sign in to talk" lines and insert your Ryzom log in info.
4. Bookmark it and it works again

I'm guessing the upgrades / server move lost the original log in info.   perhaps OS or something else related.

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In some cases there was a problem with access to RC using HTTP, make sure you always use HTTPS -

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In Browser and in App itself was using https ... odd thing was - lost access thru browser 6-8 weeks ago ... lost access w/ app itself about a month after


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Yep, it works now.
It was like they are using a new server or something? All I did was go to the new page Moniq suggested then bookmarked it. Now I have 2 bookmarks for it, the wrong page or old page was:
The new page is:
Not sure why two identical pages go to two different places, but the one on the Ryzom home page seems to be correct and the old one, well, is old :/
Thanks Moniq :D

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Hm I did help you by accident.

But you are correct, it does not work when you access (ie a channel directly) however when you click same URL from alredy opened RC chat it works... Strange...

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I edited the previous post ... i was able to recreate the bookmark. I dunno why it didn't work but I do recall that when I have upgraded some programs, the new exe or what file is used to launch it is 'different" and it stops working, recreating it to point to same file works ... no rhyme nor reason, it just does :)


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