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Translated from french (see ), related to my post on "Is PVP RP?" https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=post/view/193701 : about this sentence :
" we are all "the stupid troll" of an some other homin :p "

First, some of my personnal "general laws" in life:
1. Homins are more often clumsy than mean.
2. corollary of 1 : we are all "the stupid troll" of an some other homin :p
3. some homin listen but never speak - it doesn't mean they have "no thinking". And think together, elabobate is not necessarily equivalent to taking part in a "hard" way.

I never thought a troll was meant to disturb, usually it's just that he's not aware of disturbing. However, we do not all have the same values, we do not all speak "of the same place" - unless we believe that it is easier to be a slave than a free one, to be an homine than a homin, and/or to be wounded rather than valid and healthy... (the list is long, I'm done)

Most of the time, a troll is just a "nice, very clumsy guy", he talks about his point of view (which is supposed to be... except that... he/she thinks he/she is "majority", "universal" etc), and, in any case, he/she doesn't realize (lack of empathy? imagination? too much fear?) that he/she denies the simple existence of his/her interlocutor: p
It is a group dynamic. That why I talked about "pensée unique", "pensée de groupe" (groupthink).

The so-called "minorities", the marginalized, the "excluded", the poor, the queer, the unusual... all those who rarely have the right to speak, because they no longer dare to take it, because they lack the words: the language itself betrays them, the "tree that covers the forest" famous tip... very well describe the phenomenon :p

In other words : there are those who have symbolic power (and who will intervene, argue, joke, be very comfortable, and publicly - everyone finds their words relatively "standard"), and those who will never get it. D

Sometimes the messenger, carrying bad news, is murdered for revenge. The messenger is not necessarily clumsy, has no bad intentions. But perhaps the messenger had another point of view, which disturbed their comfortable habits for them?

Not trying to offense anyone. Just a thought :p




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(#TROLL-ON Are you sure some trolls are not there for the sole purpuse of disturbing? carebear hugz♥ #TROLL-OFF )

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(#TROLL-ON Are you sure some trolls are not there for the sole purpuse of disturbing? carebear hugz♥ #TROLL-OFF )


That's the point D

No, I'm not sure about that.

Because in fact, I doubt above all: p

We speak with words, we think with our native language. Words have their symbolic power. Our body has a symbolic power (or not).

In a way, reality is only a perception, an interpretation that we make of it, that we choose to make (more or less consciously).




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takes her cloths off and protests with her body's symbolic power!

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Troll: in chat, a commentator whose intention is to provoke (an)other chat contributor(s) with comments so chosen as to do so

i repeat: i am not, never have been, and do very much intend never, ever to be a troll .... any chat i do contribute is not intended to provoke anyone, ever.

I ty all again for your patience with me concerning this topic. 8)

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I never thought a troll was meant to disturb, usually it's just that he's not aware of disturbing.
By some definitions, that is true. By your definition, anyone with even a hnt of any sort of ASD is a troll even though there is zero malicious intent. However, in the English-speaking world, the term carries strong negative connotations of malicious intent to cause unrest while not adding even the smallest bit of anything constructive.

Perception does play a key role. Due to my quirky sense of humour, and my habit of ignoring the parts of an argument I agree with while seeking clarification on what I perceive th be it's weak points tends to make folks think I'm more combative than I actually am, earning me accusations of being a (malicious) troll when I simply communicate differently even from most who share my native tongue. (I can't imagine how poorly I come across to those for whom English is a non-native language...)


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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In my humble opinion, a troll is someone who disrupts others ON PURPOSE. I never understood why such people do what they do, I guess they find it fun or something.

I think calling someone you disagree with or who exhibits non-malicious strange behavior is a misuse of the word.



Explorer, storyteller, universalist, fighter for freedom and equality.

"Without contraries, there is no progression" - William Blake

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As i also only just tried to say in french for the benefit of french speaking players, so also here do i ask all to forgive my ignorance and apparent misinterpretation of a, nevertheless unconventional in my view, interpretation of the term 'troll' on the part of some chatters. But especially, so it seems, i ask your all apology for my having apparently misconscrued certain comments as having been pointed at me by way of declaring me to be or to have so commented as would a 'troll'.

It appears now that i had not been meant at all 8/

So, again, please excuse me everybody, for my then inappropriate reactions 8§
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