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Technical Support


#1 [en] 

I came back to my apartment, and ALL MY FURNATURE IS GONE!!!!

My stuff in my locker seems to be that same, but I have COOL STUFF, the menu to add things tells me I have no stuff I can add, including the snow, and Atymas tree, and other such crap!


#2 [en] 

in my second sentence change "that" to "the"

#3 [en] 

in my second sentence change "that" to "the"


You can also edit your post on the forum, to fix typos and such a thing, its more practical and clean.
the menu to add things tells me I have no stuff I can add

Did you tried to add/buy (for free) furniture on Rykea RyzHome ?

For your problem, it should be fixed soon so keep on, also did you tried the classical relog? Also clicking on RyzHome to "refresh" the furniture?

If yes, what message you got on the RyzHome main page?

Do a pop-up window show up when you spawn in your ap ?

Also a /version with returning value would help us thanks.

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#4 [en] 

I'll give that a try when I get "home", as I am in the Dreaded "Grove of Umbra" killing Psykoplas.
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