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So on two different devices, we have these glitches that occur a colorful bars that eventually crash the game and computers IF they happen. They don’t always happen. The interesting thing is one is an MSI gaming laptop running Windows, the other is a MacBook Pro that runs Windows and MacOS. On either side of the Mac the same thing happens, identically. The way it happens on the MSI is colored bars and a black screen that crashes the computer. We tried using compatibility modes and changing the amount of in game detail. We used Steam clients, and on MacOS we also tried the AppStore client. Does anyone have any tips? This issue is new on the Mac for me. And old on the MSI

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Do you have any error messages? I am not sure what you mean by "colored bars and a black screen", like corrupted client output on screen?

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Do you have any error messages? I am not sure what you mean by "colored bars and a black screen", like corrupted client output on screen?


It’s not normally severe like that. It’s usually one color with bars repetitively

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It seems like driver crash, but not sure what the real problem is.

try windowed mode to see if that makes a difference.



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If 1st doesn't succeed, move on to next

1. In Windows check Event Viewer for Error or Warning Messages. Resolve if any found by doing web search of text describing reported problem

2. Uninstall GFX drivers, reboot, clean registry of all GFX driver related entries, reboot and reinstall drivers.

3. Install native client using the single folder install method. The single folder method will allow your current installation to exist side by side without issue. Many Steam users have found problems disappearing w/ native client ... have seen two identical boxes whereby one had a problem / one didn't.... it went away w/ native client ... no idea why.


For the Mac, it's pretty much the same steps using locations and utilities appropriate for that OS.

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