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Landscape looks okay, sky, grass - all okay. Characters - white, textureless. Totally. Tried switching on and off all the graphics options - no effect. Linux mint, intel-on-board "video", lots of linux native games run without any problems. Anyone has any advice? Love this game, would like to continue playing

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Unfortunately there is no workaround for that problem.

Unsure what CPU and Mesa (gpu driver) version you using, but i5-4460/mesa 17.3.3 under X11 (not wayland) works ok for me.



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It sounds to me as if some of the texture files have been corrupted.  At the very least, before you give up try downloading and installing again.


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I remember having the same kind of problem with an old graphic card. I changed it and the problem was solved. I'm not sure, thought, that this answer can help you.

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It did help :) All the answers did help :) I was blaming the Mint, not the card :)
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