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“Zagabranth... Zagabranth wake up... The Matis Kingdom is about to collapse..."

"Wake up, Zagabranth! If the situation gets any worse, the world will collapse!”

These phrases resonated in the head of the Herën of the Alkiane Order while he slept. Scared and breathless, still half lost the limbo because of these words of bad augury, he made his bed-plant straighten whose big fluffy leaf rolled it up. It was dark outside, but he had the impression that he had been told this in his ear, in his apartments. With a touch of his hand on a sap vein in his room the luminescent vegetable lamps were illuminated, which allowed the Herën to regain its calm.

That voice, a woman's voice of benevolence and omnipotence, continued to repeat itself in her head. He was convinced, Jena had just spoken to him. What did she mean by those words, what did she want from him? Subject to questions for several hours without finding acceptable answers for a matis on what had just happened, he decided to wait until daylight to meet exceptionally the Tribën Council.

Without realizing it and while he was preparing a third very strong tea to try to clarify his thoughts, the first rays of the morning pointed through the multicolored amber stained-glass windows of his home. The Herën prepared himself, then put on his over-plant skin before attaching his Alkiën uniform. The apartment of Herën and the buildings of the Alkiane Order sharing the same tree house of Avalae, he took the elevator to go a few floors higher in his offices.

Ser Tapco, was already on the place, putting order in the chests to make some space there in anticipation of his drilling expedition in the upper prime roots with the Serae Ayala. A brief exchange took place between the Herën and its Tribën.

"- Deles silam Ser Tapco, you're up early.

- Deles silam Filira Zagh, you are as much as I would seem. Besides, as long as I have you... can I suggest that you bring the Alkiën together to review our active members, our projects and our allies?

- I was planning a meeting of the Tribën Council to discuss a sensitive subject, but you are right. Let's get the Alkiëns together, and our Selsym too. Let's say the 24 of Pluvia of this cycle."

Ser Tapco was somewhat surprised by the reaction of his Herën and especially by the proximity of the meeting date. He agreed and promised to pass the information on to the other Alkiën.

The few days that separated the exchange between Tapco and Zagabranth and the meeting had allowed the latter to understand what that voice had told him. During this meeting several subjects were discussed and while the Alkiën were all present, at least those who had answered the call, Herën placed on a round table, which had been made for the event, a map of the Kingdom. It was then that he spoke in a serious and authoritarian tone while positioning nicely carved spines on certain places on the map.

"See Alkiën and Selsym, this is our Kingdom and the thorns represent its outposts in activity. Do you know how many of them belong to a Noble House or some homin organization fighting for Karavan? Absolutely none. At the moment, some are being squatted by marauders, others are being exploited by kamis organizations, none of which are domiciled in the Kingdom. Only one of these outposts is managed by a company of rangers."

A heavy silence settled in the room. The Herën looked at each member of the Order around the table and continued.

"I was visited by Jena a few days ago. It announced to me the collapse of the Kingdom and the world if the Kamis and their disciples continued to exploit Atys. Even though these demonic beings put obstacles in our way every time we, matis, want to advance our society, they do not intervene when the imbalance is obvious. She told me societies would collapse if we let marauders squat our outposts."

The eyes of the Alkiën were no longer bent towards the map but towards Herën. They were all waiting for the next words from their leader.

"There are too few karavan organizations to directly confront marauding clans or kamis organizations in their entirety. The Alkiane Order will act, in its title, with its resources, for the Kingdom and for Karavan. Dear Alkiën, we will claim ownership of an outpost in single combat. The Alkiane Order against the organization that owns the outpost only. Let us meet them, for honor, for the Kingdom and the Karavan."

With a blow of his arm on the map he ejected all but one of the thorns and, pointing to it, said.

"Let's attack this outpost. The Alkiane Order's War Horn will ring again. Alkiën, prepare to take the sword together. Forget the wrath, forget the ruin and let the Dawn be red!"

Ser Nilstilar, a diplomat at heart, spoke briefly.

"- What if we fail Filira?"

- If we fail, we will rise, we will have learned from our defeat and we will attack again. We have the means, we have the strength. It is sometimes more effective to hit a wall several times to crack it, weaken it and finally pass it while keeping our forces than to want to strike hard once and not be able to ensure the confrontation then Ser.

All the Alkiën proudly approved the decision of their Herën.

"For the Kingdom, for Karavan, for Alkiane! Jena Aiye!"


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