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The process on how to get to Ranger. By Bitttymacod.

Note, there are no detail spoilers, just process, but if you really, really, want the totally spoiler free experience you shouldn't have clicked on this topic.

1) Start working on your Fame. You want both Kami and Karavan and all four nations to be positive. While you’re at it, start building up your stats and abilities. None of the missions are easy. This will take you as long as it takes you.

2) (Optional) Do the Firemaker mission (Desert, Oflovak’s Oasis). It’s not really needed as a requirement, but I think that any Ranger should be able to make a fire.

3) Pathfinding Mission. Some people think of this as Ranger Rite parts 1 through 3. It does lead eventually to the title of Ranger Aspirant, but whether it is parts 1 through 3 or just part 1 isn’t really important. To start this mission you must have all four national Fame >20 and Kami and Karavan >0.

3a) Go to Yio Go-Jin near the cartographer in Zora (northwestern section). She will give you a mission to sense magnetic resonances in Witherings, giving you a q50 amber, and a map with three flags on it to work with. When you have done that she will give you maps to the other three lands and have you work there, too. (The rationale is that in Witherings it’s easiest.) Get as close as you can to the flags by comparing her map to your map, and then "open" the amber. The magnetized amber she gives you may break (random). If it does, get another one. Warning: the flags are sometimes a little hard to see. When you have finished all the spots, you return to Yio. She will send you to Ba’Duty Aepsie, who is standing on the other side of the road, near a shelter.

3b) Ba’Duty Aepsie will not train you unless your National Fames are >25 and Kami and Karavan >0. You should continue to be working on all Fames, especially the K/K ones, since you will soon need to have them significantly higher than that. Aepsie will give you a q100 amber and maps that have general areas marked on them. Your job is to find a specific location in each of the areas, using the amber to sense the distance to the point. The trick here is that since you aren’t very good at this magnetic sensing yet, you make a lot of mistakes, at least to start with. Also the amber breaks moderately often. Both the nature and magnitude of the "mistakes" and the frequency of breakage are random, but if you pay attention to the words that appear on your UI, you might get hints as to which distances are closer to accurate. As you train and find more and more of the spots, the wildly inaccurate measurements will diminish and the chance of breaking the amber will reduce. Knowledge of basic geometry and the use of triangles will help you a lot. At the end of this, you will have all the spots and can return to Aepsie, who will then send you to Trino Lichio in the Ranger Camp in Almati Wood.

3c) Trino Lichio says to find two "especially tuned" locations in Almati Wood and you should find them and understand what to do. At this point your sensing will be error free but the amber still might break. Use the amber to find both points, which will be easy if you remember your triangles. When you find the second point, you will have the option to follow the opened Path to the first point (order of discovery does not matter). If you do that and return to Trino, then she will take the q100 amber from you.

3d) Trino will then check your fame before giving you the next task. Your national fame must be >30 and your Kami and Karavan fame must be >20. (I told you to keep working on it.) If they are, then she will give you a q150 amber and instructions to find both ends of four Paths, one in each National area. One end will be near the capital city and the other will be in the q250 area of that land. (i.e. Scorched Corridor, Void, Grove of Confusion, Loria). Keep working on your Fame.

Once you have located all the entrances and traversed the paths you can return to Trino and she will give you the title of Apprentice Pathfinder. You get to keep the amber and use the paths you have found. (Sometimes the title-giving glitches due to communications with the server. If the title doesn’t show up, file a ticket and one of the CSRs/Event Team will make sure you get it.)

4) Cube of Precepts and Ranger Aspirant Title. This is the next step. First make sure all your Fame >35, all National and both Kami/Karavan. Go to the Ranger Circle in Almati Wood. There is a circle of barriers near the camp with two fires inside and a banner (which can be read) and a chest (which can be opened). Open the chest and you can get a freshly carved amber cube from the chest. It can be opened to reveal the Precepts of the Rangers. If you open the chest a second time (while having the cube in your bag) you will get a badge (title) showing that you are a Ranger Aspirant. (The title can be found by going to your Personal window, opening the Info tab and clicking on the orange underlined title. You can then select special titles> events > factions > Ranger to select your title. If it doesn’t show up, file a ticket.)

5) Keep working on your fame and skills until Fame is all >45. Then you can take the Ranger Rite.

5a) Getting back to Silan. If you are a normal long-time player you will need to get together a small party to run to the pathway opening in the depths of the Grove of Confusion to make your way back to Silan. That is not included in this outline.

6) The Ranger Rite. You need a team to do the Ranger Rite. The team can be made up of Rangers as well as Ranger Aspirants. Someone in the team has to have the harvesting skill to dig q150 materials (jungle ecosystem [*]). Each person in the team has to do all the missions (even the Rangers who have been there before) and talk to all the NPCs you need to talk to. If you are careful and don’t go dashing off in all directions, you can do the rite in ~1.5 to 2.5 hours. There are no penalties for failing the mission. You can re-do it as often as you need to, gaining information as you do. Once you complete it properly you will be given the title of Ranger and you can go to Almati Wood and talk to the Quartermaster there to get your Map.

[*] Wuaoi said no ecosystem, but he appears to have been mistaken. One person dug with jungle specs during his mission, so the ecosystem must be jungle.

7) The Map, how you use it, maintaining your Ranger status, etc. are not covered in this guide.

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Thanks Bittty; very useful and helpful information. I'm currently working on my fame ;o)


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Thank you, Bittymacod.

The following information was difficult to find:
To learn of campfires, lophyrus Phynix (Old Fyros Hermit) is the NPC to see. He is located on a cliff northwest of Clopper Hill in Oflovak's Oasis.


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I added the link on my wiki page, as I didn't translated it yet


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https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/User:Craftjenn/How_I_became_a_Rang er

and I translated too some help about our map

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