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Entraide GNU/Linux


#1 [en] 

I've not been able to play for the last couple of months. Everything is fine until I am in-game for a second or two, then it quickly crashes. Tried redownloading and reinstalling. Same with debian sid gnome and solus gnome. Have intel graphics and using X.Org.

#2 [en] 

make sure you turn your sound off in settings also, it seems to work for me.

#3 [en] 

Did you try with new character? Sounds like broken character settings...

#4 [en] 

Turning off sound didn't work.

Created a new charachter. Client crashes right before the world appears instead of 2 seconds after with old one.

#5 [en] 

Hm, are all permissions correct? Especially where game saves your character details? Can you run it from terminal and see what it says on crash?

You can also use ryzom chat to ask online (might be faster than here :)) or send a ticket with your problem via form or to support@ryzom.com.

#6 [en] 

Post the client.log in a pastebin and post the link to it here.


#7 [en] 

File permissions are ok. Gives a segmentation fault at crash time when started from a terminal. https://pastebin.com/k7Yu6JaR

#8 [en] 

You using old version. You need to update.

Not sure how you got your old client. There is no deb/rpm repo and its not possible to update using rsync anymore.

If running ryzom_client_patcher does not pull new client (you need to fix file permissions after running that), then you need to get new from ryzom.com .



#9 [en] 

Running the patcher and changing file permissions didn't work. Running the installer from Ryzom.com results in an error 0 and this in the terminal:

WRN 4039c7c0 downloader.cpp 421 onError ryzom_installer : Network error SSL handshake failed (6) when downloading https://cytranet.dl.sourceforge.net/project/ryzom/installer/ryzom _live_data.7z

Is there a place to download the full current client?

#10 [en] 

If you rereun installer then sourceforge might give another mirror.



#11 [en] 

If you rereun installer then sourceforge might give another mirror.

Got it to work after about 10 tries. Got a similiar error later on. Thankfully the installer picked up where it left off. All is good now =) Thanks for the help!!!
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