Would you like to have folow option when target dead player?
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I am supprised that you can not folow targeted dead player.
I wish to know if someone else thinks it would be good thing to have?

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#2 [en] 

Dead homins cannot move, why would you want to follow them?


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#3 [en] 

I am with Mac'Od Bitty. Homins are in coma then and hence cannot walk.
It means a sharp break from their previous life and as such it should also be reflected by the options your comatose body offers.

Being a lazy person, I do understand your wish to also have the follow option to make it easier to follow the person in question without any more clicking once they get resurrected.

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#4 [en] 

When I am going for a rez, I am often using Speed to avoid joining the homin I am attempting to rez. If I were on /follow, I would just run straight to my death at high speed. Conversely, if I maintain manual control, I can run in, fire off a couple heals, and disappear again before any agro can get me.

I also make extensive use of Auto-run when I am in safe areas; it beats holding the W key to run when you have over a kilometer to run to your destination.

For those reasons, I personally have no use for such a feature, and I suspect that a lot of folks would get themselves killed using it, so I'm going to have to say "No".


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#5 [en] 

I'm not against it but not for it either. If it took 10 minutes to create, sure, but....

It's likely to just make you just as dead as the person you are attempting to follow in a straight line.Atys aggro is super OP compared to other MMOs so... yeah i don't know if it would just aggravate people


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