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Ryzom Forge meeting report- 2017-11-20

New organisation of ingame channels

I'd like to have as official IG channels:

[By default]
  • Help(Help multilanguage channel)
  • General(Multilanguage channel to talk about Ryzom-related things, linked to RF #pub-general )
  • Tavern (Mono-language channel, the one of the player - Channel for chatting about everything, staying in Code of Conduct)
[In option]
  • Taverns of the other lnaguages (currently the Uni** - Channels for chatting about everything, staying in Code of Conduct)
  • Lore (Channel to talk with Lorists and memebrs of Event team, linked to #pub-event-lore )
  • RF (Channel for Ryzoml Forge meetings and discussions, linked to #pub-ryzom-core-forge (the bridge between Rocket and IRC would be replaced by one between Ingame and Rocket, if not possible to have a double bridge)
These channels would replace the current ones (mostly by renames
(General=current Universe), Taverns=Uni), + some new ones (Help, Lore, RF), but will be possible only if players can open more channels in the same time (official ones+dynamic ones together). Nimetu is working on it.

Nilstilar: As more channels, as more distraction from the game.

Moniq: For me, i would merge help and general (and maybe tavern aka uni) and rf/lore channels keep unchecked by default? I am afraid of too many channels, I personally learned the use channels by time and i can imagine it can be confusing.

Nuts: The only good point I see: it will bring more people in RF meeting maybe some will start to have some interests on it. But yes as Moniq said, at one point we will have to many channels in the game and it will be hard to follow everything.

Moniq: It would be great to have choice, I personally stopped following uni crap but would like to have RF/lore IG.

Tamarea : The basic idea is having a HELP channel separated from the chat, and to make RF and the LORE enter IG. While allowing everybody to open the channels they want.

Moniq: The goal now is to remove channels number limit?

Tamarea: Will be necessary if we want to add new channels. Or at least to increase its maximum.

Moniq: I was more asking if you can name any (other possible) limits. Lets think we have no limit, in that case there are (by me) 2 topics to discuss:

1 - Tamarea suggested to have AROUND, REGION, HELP, GENERAL, TAVERN (+EN/FR...),RF, LORE. Which one you like to have? Do you have any other suggestion? What will be those used for?
2 - Which channels should be shown by default? What use those have?

SIELA1915: AROUND, REGION, HELP, TAVERN(your language) by default

Lyne: I'd vote for Arounds, Region, Help and Tavern also. Lore/RF would probably confuse new players. General may be of some help if there's no one on the current Tavern but Help is there for this use

Moniq: I am not sure about "lang" tavern only, it sort of separate community by language, do we want this?

Lyne: General would be there for that Moniq, I think.

Nuts: indeed the split between communities is something that the game needs to get rid off

Nilstilar: I'd add the following : IG channels have to help gaming, not Lore learning or contributing.

Lyne: But we see that some players never read the forum nor come here. An IG channel (optionnal) may "attract" them.

Moniq votes for optional lore/rf as well ofc.

Eleanide : I think taverns of each languages are to be maintained (Sorry, the French are very chatty and need this channel to relax, communicate, joke). On the other hand a channel for universal helping, or even for universal commercial exchange are valuable too.

Tamarea: CSRs would like a lot to have Taverns and Help channels separated, would be easier to moderate. And players would be more free in Taverns than in the current Uni channels.


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Management of Players ideas

I have a project fo better manage the "ideas fo the players": each player would have xx "vote points" to use by using them in his favourite players ideas. With the possibility to change his mind and so to take back points from an idea to give them to another one. When he'll have no free vote point left, he could not vote anymore. When an idea would be added ingame (and archived, tagged or anything else useful), the player would have back the points he gave to this idea.

Ex: 10 vote points for each player account. The player could share them between his favourite ideas (giving 10 points to one project, or 4 points to one, 1 to another one, etc. As he would want. Free system.
No free point left but a nice new idea: would have to choose. Renouncing to this new idea, or giving less points to another one. ^^
A project added ingame = he gets the given points back and can use them for other projects.

Of course, we should keep the current forum "Player Ideas" in archives and reopen a new one, for more clarity.


Lyne: It's a number of points per account or per char? How many points do the F2P accounts have?

Tamarea: This remains to decide. Still in thinking. What do you think ?

Moniq: My first idea was exploit by more characters/accounts so do you suggest any way how to limit it?

Eleanide : That's a good idea if the vote is actually bind to the account. It will allow to see proposals and their popularity.

Moniq: Generally, I like the idea but I think this is the feature for p2p. Depends on how valuable 1 point will be. If 10 is significant, none for f2p, if 1000 points is not much, f2p can have 1 point to "test" the feature. We can also limit it by played time? how exclusive it supposed to be? Give points for played time, for example 1 point per Atys season, starting after 1st 2 days/weeks in game and/or getting level 35 + leaving Silan…

Tamarea: Seems too much difficult for a forum feature.

Lyne: I don't like the idea of the played time (I'm a bit too tired to explain it, but I could another day if you want).

Moniq @lyne: just suggestions how to limit exploiting with multimple accounts.

Tamarea: Would be possible to limit to Premium accounts, but what would we do with the points given by a player coming back to F2P?

Lyne: Don't change anything if the player goes back to F2P (keep his points where they were given but prevent him to change his vote).

Moniq @tamarea: can use points only when p2p, in time when unsubscribed it will be disallowed.

Eleanide: Only for P2P, then? Is that possible?

Tamarea: I think so, even if confirmation is needed.

Eleanide: Return to F2P = No more point for voting.


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