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After installing the new patch ( official version ) my client crashes around 3/4 of the start up screen. I've tried every configuration option, and still this doesn't fix it. I must say i had the "dancing trees" bug, wich this new patch should fix, maybe this is the problem? If so, i won't invest in new hardware and, wich meens my Atys days are over from now on :/

I did find a logfile wich says this:

" A failed assertion occurs
ProcName: ryzom_client_r.exe
Date: 2017/07/15 14:00:05
File: Z:\home\nevrax\ryzomcore\code\nel\src\misc\bitmap.cpp
Line: 1841
FuncName: NLMISC::CBitmap::resample
Reason: "PixelFormat == RGBA || PixelFormat == Luminance || PixelFormat == AlphaLuminance"

No log

Any help would be appreciated :)


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Which driver are you using, openGL or D3D ? Is your user/ folder empty ?


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I'm using D3D.

\user folder, that's the
" C:\Users\***\AppData\Roaming\Ryzom\1\user" folder?
If so, that folder is not empty


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Try using openGL instead (you can use ryzom configurator to do that) and see if it fixes the issues ; if it doesn't, you can remove everything in the user folder (the one you mentioned) - make sure to make a backup before doing this !


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I tried both of the above, but none of these solutions fixed it ://

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So the only solution was another Graphics card. A friend of mine was kind enough to give me an old spare one he had. Seems Ryzom won't run on on board intell chipsets anymore.

Thx anyway Lopyrech for trying to help me out.


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Reinstalling the game might also works, it's possible some data has been corrupted.


#8 Mehrsprachig 

In case your problem did not get resolved in the meantime, try to do a single folder installation (this can be done at any place in the file system and won't interfere with your current installation).

Follow the instructions here:

Drawback is that it will be a fairly long download. But at least you can continue playing Ryzom in case this installation will work. I ran Ryzom, including latest patch, on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 10, and several Linux (OpenSuse, Debian Sid) without troubles.

Years ago, I had inexplainable crashes on one of my boxes. In the end I found out that a faulty RAM was the villain.


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