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Hi, it's three days I'm trying to compile Ryzom's source, but cmake gives me some errors. I'm generating with Visual Studio 2017 as 2010 is no more downloadable. I also have windows 10 SDK.

This is the cmake log:

Can someone suggest me what to do / download?

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There is no support for vc15 in code/CMakeModules/FindMSVC.cmake file.
See if you can install vs2015 toolchain.

You also need externals for vs2015 and DXSDK_Jun10 for directx.
Externals you can compile yourself from hg.kervala.net/packaging. Not exactly next-next-finish (not all externals are needed), but easy enough to solve



#3 [en] 

thanks, will try this evening.

#4 [en] 

Where can I find externals for vs 2015?

#5 [en] 

Where can I find externals for vs 2015?

As I said, you need to compile them yourself


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