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Tried the kizoar rite, did all the 5 zones and went back to kitin lair, couldn't get lethal kizoar to spawn no matter what i tried.

Gave up afterward and abandoned mission, turns out it won't keep track of your progress either, cba to do it all again tho.


#2 [en] 

If it is bugged, it's fairly recent. I managed it without a hitch, but we've had a few patches since. Or maybe I got lucky.


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#3 [en] 

I completed it fine ... way back when ... not sure if I did post merge, but do remeber reports of problems.

TheKitin Rite w/ Gerder was always "iffy" ... worked for sime and failed for some.


#4 [en] 

Kizoar Rite worked for me some months back. The Kincher one didn't though.


#5 [en] 

Did the Kizoar rite ages ago and worked fine, was a real fun one to do too. I beleive it takes time for the lethal kizoar to pop just like any other boss on Atys i can't remember to be honest.

Also did Kincher rite....yes 4 times till I got it right! By the last time, i got all 4 phials filled in 1/2hr.
Once in a while  Ana Ryan in KL would be bugged with final verbage, but otherwise they both usually work with a little patience.
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