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A multi target shot for ranged-weapon as a skill would be nice.
It could borrow the functionality of Circular Attack wherein it only hits targets that are in combat with you.
-maybe uses sap as an addition to the usual stamina to magically explain the additional/mirrored bullets making the extra bullets magic in nature (could be expanded to include elemental skill stanza's)
-or just use more ammo per shot tho ammo is already quite a burden.


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Auto launcher is damage equivalent to the spray option in magic. Launcher gives AoE effect.

Multi-shot is clearly advanced technique ( watch any super-hero action flick) and with a single weapon it takes time for even the best person to change targets. Since we cannot dual-wield pistols, I think that the equivalent of circular attack is unrealistic.


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In the ranged weapon patch which has fall in oblivion long time ago they was a focus shoot idea slower but more power full and using focus instead of stamina, that would have been nice or could have been used for your multi target idea i think.

Focusing a little more to quickly hit multiple target not in once but very quickly so it would almost have been the same ( it remember me a movie ^^ but nobody can shoot that quickly ! :D).

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I'm with Bittty on this one; we already have two AoE ranged weapons.


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