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Several guildoids working on +165 LA and Jool sets so gonna start filling up spare GH w/ the ones that just went to +125 and or ones that wound up w/ +40 ap / +40 Stam / +40 Focus (w/ 125 HP).

No reasonable offer refused ...

FF made ones are QL 250 HQ LA (+125) Excellent +2 Dodge (Shu, Moon, Gulatch, Shu)
-Focus LA sets are Tryker White (Shorts)
-HP LA Sets are Fyros White (Caster)

HP Jools are all QL 250 MQ +(+125) Choice, most are aimed at plants ... 65% Shockwave / 65% / 100 % poison ... dont remember what Focus ones are.

Send PM or IG mail if ya need any


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