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1. Whenever there's a patch, you come back into game after re-launch with your UI a mess because you are now at 1024 x 768 resolution. How to avoid:

a) Assuming you have a desktop or taskbar icon, change the icon orperties to launch from:


instead of ryzom_client_r.exe

2. When there's a patch (or you crash), let it do its thing, and when it relaunches, close Ryzom.

3. Relaunch using your icon via the configuration tool, hut Display and change the resolution and offsets to your choice. For me that is 1920 x 1000 w/ 0 x and y offsets. Hit APPLY and then PLAY RYZOM. let it take you to the character selection page and close again.

4. Launch again same way and it should retain your chosen resolution.

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#2 [en] 

I don't know why this setting is reset recently. I have experienced this issue on windows and linux, both times also ignoring my aspect ratio of 16:10. Other settings such as details and sound are not affected, is there any reason why the resolution is reset with each patch?



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Odd... I have never had my resolution reset.

If it means anything, I run Win10 (64-bit) and the regular (non-Steam) client.


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It happend sometime that some setting are reset, often the screen resolution but one day i had the npc's name display unchecked, and spend some time figuring it.


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Odd... I have never had my resolution reset.

If it means anything, I run Win10 (64-bit) and the regular (non-Steam) client.

1.  It's a known issue.

2.  Perhaps it only happens if you use a custom resolution

3.  It's been fixed


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