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I have never even thought about buying merchant items ... starting w/ Day 1 so whatever I knew is long forgotten. I was a billionaire on old server before merge and that was just from crafting and selling to merchants (not for resale).

From that respect, I didn't object to revamping the economy with the merge tho I think they went quite a bit too far with the drastic cuts in income and yet keeping the cost of all items the same (except for mounts and tools ... as far as I noticed).

However, it still cost me 90 million to get my NPC plans restored so that certainly was not adjusted to compensate for reduced ability to gain wealth. So I gotta ask ... was the cost of merchant items not adjusted to compensate for the drastic reduction in the ability to earn ?

As for the "dated" label, I don't see how it could really be "dated" as, again to my eyes, it was as useless on day 1 as it is 14 years later. I don't do "free" either. Even guildoids are expected to provide their own mats (after level 50). I don't accept dapper (again useless) but always accept items offered in trade.

I used to stock all lands with Jools, LA, HA once a week ... After about 3 weeks they weren't selling and when they did, it was some bozo profiteering, buying them and immediately reselling at much higher prices.

I'm going to try out responding to posts in the bazaar section. I'll drop the products on the merchants in the land of their choosing but don't wanna just leave there so someone can sell for 5 times as much. I used to put up scrolls and other Occ items too...these again sold for a while and after a few weeks just stopped.

So ... subject to mats availability ...
-Choice Basic Amps @ 7 x 83% - 100 dapper per level
-Choice MQ / HQ Amps @ 7 x 80% - 100 dapper per level
-Exe Fyros HP Boost LA - 400 dapper per level (set w/ Caster)
-Exe Tryker HP Boost LA - 400 dapper per level (set w/ Shorts)
-Exe Plants HP Boost Jools 100% Poison, 65% Electric Shockwave - 400 dapper per level (set)

If mats are unavailable or for other items (HA, MA, Shields, Bucklers, etc) up to the levels ya see when ya hit the "i " next to my name in fiends list, you bring or help dig the mats on a Sundays, I'll craft it.

Of course if it comes down to that's all I'm doing 7 days a week, I'll have to back off but I'll give it a go.

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Bittty - I have no problem with being optimistic and leaving the content in the game, I'm just showing my extreme position of "fix it or kill it" because, that's just how I feel

It's like having an uncompiled piece of furnature , in your living room for years to the point where it's obsolute, throw it out or fix it up or get a new one

Freddy - I really wish I took formal logic so I could actually formally show why logically speaking, it's dated content but I'll give it my beginner's try

When value of selling to the merchant was lowered, prices should also have been lowered. Picks are affordable and useful, but that dagger is useless so to me, it is dated, it was neglected to be scaled correctly

We shouldn't have to just warn people not to buy from the merchant

And, we shouldn't have to feel like the dapper is valueless

Sorry folks but some people like an economy that works and if you want to grow the player base, grow into more than just the existing crowd. Grow into areas such as "people who like an economy that isn't worthless"

PVP is solid
PVE is solid
grinding is solid (im a grinder)
economy is non existent
RP can be nice

Attract many types


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What I am trying to get across is ... **for me** (and others) if ya change the cost to any nu,mber ya pick, it's still useless to me. Won't buy it at 100k, won't buy it at 10k, won't buy at at 1k.

As with other requests for corrections / fixes (i.e. broken / impossible tribe fame missions) it would appear that there's not enough people that this matters to in order to create a high enough ROI (return on the T & E investment)


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maybe i'm just a jerk for wondering "isn't this just 5 minutes of changing a number"

I'm not well informed enough to make a judgement and I've heard that the code is at times a mess, so, if it's not that easy I'll just have to ignore it meh


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