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Geez it has ben a long time I had pretty much forgotten about this April Fools Day Prank .... 80% of the folk  were laughing ... 20% were hating me for a few days.


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Back in Post # 13 of the Bunny Tools Thread, we introduced you to "Yubo Maps". The descpiption is copied below for your convenience.



Yubo Maps is basically an offline reader for the Ryzom Raum Maps that are now hosted on silenda.de site. After installing the YuBo Maps program, ask it to update the maps; it will visit the silenda site and d/l the latest maps. Comes in handy when the site is down for maintenance or if you have trouble running ya browser and Ryzom at the same time. Maps are also resizable which comes in handy for those hard to locate spots.

Key feature here is that by registering on the silenda site, you can add your own locations. Keep supporting silenda by registering on the silenda site and updating the maps when ya find a new resource. Special thanks to Selene and all Silenda contributors for participation in this effort.

All homins have long depended on the work of Selene (Silenda) and the folks at BM (Pete J, Karu. etc) for the wonderful mapping tool that has been provided. We would happily drop this effort if either was in a position for us to submit the data and have it added. Any and all data collected will be provided to those responsible for those sites if so requested. In the meantime ....

Sarpedonia was working on Yubo Maps Version 2.0 when real life got in the way and took him away from game. Since starting Tribe Fame, have found about 100 Tribe NPCs that were not on any maps, at least when we went looking. In the course of doing those and Daily Missions have also pretty much Deposit Tracked and located most of the Mission Mats in Desert and Jungle 250 areas. That leaves a lot of Atys left.

In the first version, we will be working on Tribe NPCs and Mission Mats as this is the area were current mapping sources are missing the most data for these:

Tribe NPCs (All Regions) - Just thinking of doing the wandering ones, not the ones that don't leave camp. Essentially the last 5 columns you see in image here.

https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/25037/2 5

However, would welcome input in this regard. Also what we be the preferred structure ..... that is what order for the drop down filters.

Places: Portals / Teleporters ... anything else ? Water ? Passage ? Those are the categories that the game has set up but we can add things lie safe places in water or openings in thru walls and mazes.

Again, BM Maps and Silenda have had most of the categories for years pretty well covered ... so initial emphasis will be on NPCs and Mission mats, the later being focused on Forest and Lakelands... When it wasn't found in Desert or Jungle, I went to Forest .... If it wasn't in Forest .. then went to Lakes.

When we say an NPC "has been mapped" that means one of us has confirmed and interacted with that NPC at that location

When we say a Mission Mat was "has been mapped" that means one of us has used deposit tracking to find it, has prospected it and it popped, and dug it at this location. Seeing an item on a map ant another source doesn't count as mapped until verified

We are also looking at:

Can we record / display the player who contributed the data for a missing item ?
Can we provide extra features to guilds or individuals who provide data ?
Can we export data to players own landmarks.xml file by take thing x / y poisyions and directly omporting into your *.xml file?
What other mapping features would be of interest ?
Do you need more date variables ... Such as for mats ... Do you just want to see all mats in a region (Desert) ... Subregion (Dunes of Exile) ... Or do you also want to be able to search on mats by level like 170 or 200 ?

Before going full tilt on data collection, we wanted user input on the structure and arrangment of data.  Would also like to hear from anyone who is interested in helping with data collection.

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