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[EN] [Trykers] Taliari assembly of Crystabell - Embassies - Форум сообщества РайзомК началуГость



#1 [en] 

Agenda for the Crystabell Taliari assembly of Crystabell of 23h - Prima, Germinally 19, 1st AC 2587

1- Search for an ambassador for the Matis Kingdom.
2- Organisation of the Water and Beer Road

3- Crystabell banners: where to place them?

4- The Goari affair
5- Consitution reviewing
6- Announcement in the name of Denen Toen

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#2 [en] 

Agenda for the Crystabell Taliari Assembly on 23h - Prima, Pluvia 19, 1st AC 2591

Meeting is held on the terrace of the northeast tower in Crystabell.

- Denen Toen and Locian Wyler wedding
- Armed Forces Unit (U.F.A.)
- Road of Beer
- Report on Tryker cities and guilds
- Ambassadors

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#3 [en] 

Placio posts this flyer at all Tryker stables:

The beautiful city of Crystabell is forming a City Council to direct local activities. The City Council will be composed of the Taliari ((EN community)) and leaders or representatives from lakes resident guilds ((EN speaking)). Our Kard'al has also requested that I search for Tryker Citizens that would belong to the Crystabell community that are currently independent of any guild. If you have information that would help me, or you would like more information please contact me by Izam, or find me resting at the Avendale Stables.

Tor Lochi!

Placio the Frippo, Taliar of Pirates of Darkmoor
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