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#20 [en] 

Summer is slowly coming to an end, time to get those sandcastles finished! The mansion is now live with 50% more experience points to celebrate and lots and lots of sand. For a limited time only!

#21 [en] 

Autumn arrived at the mansion, did I just hear footsteps? A door slowly opening? Did I close all windows? Something is coming... be prepared!

See you at the mansion!

(Autumn event is going to end soon)

#22 [en] 

Halloween has arrived! Be prepared for some really scary things and of course alot of fun...

See you at the mansion!

#23 [en] 

A new game has arrived at the mansion, bumping the number of achievements to over 200 together with new items, recipes and collectables. The maximum level has also been increased to 50!

See you at the mansion!
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