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I have, approximately 5 minutes ago, renounced my citizenship for the Matis.

My fame for Matis and Tryker have only been affected. Each of Matis and Tryker have been reduced to a maximum of 50.

That is all.


I don't have anything interesting to say anything here

Just move along....

#2 Melden | Zitieren[en] 

I think now everytime you renounce citizenship after the first attempt, your fame will be reduced by 1.

Path to become a marauder :D

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if aligned to a civ and you renounce, your fames are all reset to the default neutral max fame for any fame that was over the neutral max (50).

so if your +50 in a civ (or two) and renounce your alignment, all fame caps that were over 50 will be set to 50.

each renounce after that will reduce that civ's (or religions) fame will drop 1 point.

just my 2 dappers...


(nice to see you again fish cookie)


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