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- En calculant l'age de Mabreka je calcule 99ans ! Bientôt un centenaire à feter, mais une question se touve sans réponse : quelle est la durée de vie d'un Zoraï ? (étant entendu qu'elle n'est pas écourtée par un Kitin ?)

- Sur ce thème des questions étranges, existe t'il des couples inter-espéces, si oui à quoi ressemble leurs enfants ?

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The subject of birth and death in RP is interesting. To my knowledge most homins can be resurrected an infinite number of times (having an age of over 500 Jena years is common), however the sacrifice the ability to reproduce biologically. The only thing that I know which can intentionally kill a homin is goo infection, which would prevent higher powers from resurrecting them. An exception seems to be royal/imperial/other leadership families, who experience both death and birth. Possibly the reason they have taken their role is in part due to the miracle of birth making them seem blessed by the higher powers.

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pour moi la résurrection n'est pas une renaissance, mais une intervention des Kami avant la mort réelle.
La lore est pleine d'histoire d'assassinat, de naissance, d'enfants et de viellard, donc si il y a vie biologique il y a une durée.


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It happens that homins die from old age. But the only one which comes to my mind is Nung Horongi, who was already around long before the First Swarming and on Leanon was the teacher of Muang (Marung on the other servers, where Nung was the little brother). Nung died jailed in Windermeer, if I remember correctly, before the Second Swarming. Muang was still around then, like Mabreka and Melkiar a survivor of the time before the First Swarming.


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ok, looks like homin creation is recorded around 2200, so homins could possibly be as old as 385 jena years. Of course none would remember back that far :P
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