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Is there some place where the devs post to let us know when scheduled maintenance is going to happen, or is happening and when to expect the server back up?

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I am glad you posted, I recently upgraded my client and was worried I broke it.
First time I have seen an outage, doe sit happen often?

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I was just talking to a friend who said "oh good, the server was due for a reboot".

I would imagine a maintenance reboot would happen at least weekly. Pretty much every game I play does that or more. I just think a forum notification of planned outages would be awesome and quite easy to do.

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used to be wensday or thursday morning around 10h/11h european time weekly (forgot exact moment).

but they changed some stuff and now do it less then weekly and as far as i know at random times without warning ppl (except those ingame 10min before reboot) wich is good since that means more ppl have a chance to take part in supernode digging after server reboots. Since it was verry unfair for the ppl that could play during the sheduled reboots and those that couldn't to get supernodes


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Suboxide has well explained the reason why the maintenance reboots are not announced.

These reboots usually last about 10 minutes.
Patches last longer but are announced several days in advance.


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ok, thank you!
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