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Hello, I know no one asked, but here is what I would imagine Female Tryker Leader Armor to look like. It still needs the official turquoise-blue-purple paint job and custom decals, but i think the shape is nice :D

Shape, note I trimmed the top of the sleeves :)

With recycled decals

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It looks much better with img displayed too :P

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you serious?


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Even when I'm joking, I'm serious.

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Ich habe mal den Karavan Rock anders gefärbt :)

i have the Karavan Robe differently dyed :)

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I also tried with the available in-game options and nothing really looks better than the boring HA the governor already wears. If the Tryker leader armor for female is to be MA, as Still Wyler's was, making a new vest and pant shape can not be avoided. The color and golden highlights from Still's armor could be applied to the whole armor set :)

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Hahahahahahaha! Very nice looking armor, very creative of you, Placio!

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nice looking work placio.


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My rough idea of a female version of Still Wyler's medium armor

Mon idée vite fait d'une version féminine de l'armure medium de Still Wyler

I added the helmet for fun, not sure if it's possible to convert the hair/helmet

J'ai ajouté le casque pour le fun, pas certain que ça soit possible de convertir la coiffure


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A respectable length skirt should go below the knee surely? :P

I like the armour look though :)

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Ich habe angefangen einmal die Texturen für die Tryker Schwere Rüstung farblich an die Chef Rüstung anzupassen.
der Glanz effect fehlt noch komplett, aber es muss sowieso diese Rüstung als einzelne Rüstung abgelegt werden.

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