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I've been adding people on my Ignore list in the forum's options but I still see all their posts in my unread page.. Could anyone shed some light on this, please?

Or is the option there meant for a different use / which?


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I presume you mean that the thread shows as updated. If you go to the updated thread, do you see the posts of the ignored person? If not, then you don't really have a problem, imho.

I suspect that the flag for "updated since last visit"/"updated in last 24hrs" is a flag that is global and doesn't look at your ignore list, but only at whatever database indicates when you last looked at the thread. Having it double check if the activating post was made by one of your "iggys" would also mean that you would miss an updated thread where your "iggy" made the first of 5 comments.



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The threads show as updated, and I can still see the posts of the ignored persons.

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if user is in your ignore list, then they don't count toward watched or unread number and their avatar, post body, and signature are not shown. their name still appears as last poster for topic/forum.


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