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Creator of the event: Event Team.
Type of event: Treasure hunt / OOC.
Appropriate Levels: A part of the events will be in level 250 zone.

Date of the event: From Суббота, 4 Апреля 2015 08:00:00 UTC (9 лет назад) to Понедельник, 6 Апреля 2015 21:59:00 UTC (9 лет назад).
Expected duration: 3 days.
Meeting Place: All over Atys.

Homins concerned: All.
Synopsis: Refugee Days is the moment where homins celebrate their arrival in New Lands after the first Great Swarm, and coming back after the second Great Swarm. People light campfires and hunt eggs, as symbols for homins who get day light back after years of exodus in the Prime Roots.
To learn more: http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/22585/

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