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I have a intel core i5 2.53GHz laptop with 4G ram and a gforce 310M graphics chip, running win7 and I connect to the internet via a teathered iphone 6. the first time I played ryzom it ran flawlessly. but every time after that I get the dreaded "please wait..." sometimes almost permanently. one thing I have found that helps is streaming something like music while I am playing. but even that only helps so much.

my problem is that while I am playing and streaming I still get the please wait but while it is up even the streaming stops until the please wait goes away. and I can't put my finger on what the problem is.

and I have done some looking and already tried a few things like:
play after a fresh reboot
reduce graphics in-game
lower graphics to full min levels
turn off anti-virus
turn off fire-wall
add ryzom to exclusion list in firewall and antivirus
updated all drivers
used tcpoptimizer to optimize my tcp settings
used task manager to stop all unwanted background programs/tasks
set game to high priority
set affinity to all processors

I even tried an off-the-wall idea that involved a goat, a duck, and a piece of cheese but, the results were.... well lets not go in to it.

so I would like to know if anyone else has any other suggestions..

I am really puzzled on how it worked so well the first time but not since.

also here is my speed test result:

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cell internet i'm guessing? that's like a wireless router that has up to 100,000 people using it at the same time.

i'd say ask in uni when you start getting your pw's if you can, to see if it's everyone or just your poor connection, which is never going to be as reliable as a hardwired connection is.

it should also be noted that we all suffer pw's from time to time, so it's not a random thing, but when they're bad we mention it in uni and suddenly ppl around the world are having the same PW, in those cases it's likely something at the server and not us.

if your serious about getting help, you might want to make a post with a better title, i read this expecting some crazy mod joke, not a real issue.


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I made the "a duck a goat and a piece of cheese" title thinking that a "please wait..." title would get completely ignored. and yes, cell internet.

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ok. changed the title. hope that helps.


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Get a real connection, not a cell one.


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For a while I was using my iphone hotspot (T-Mobile) for internet but took many tries to get through to Ryzom. Apparently cellular routers dont like data from the ports online games use, so the connection gets delayed or disconnected a lot. If your cell provider has multiple APNs you can try another one by changing the cellular data settings; one might be more game friendly, but no sure fix.

So it has nothing to do with your computer, iphone, or even Ryzom's slow servers. This time its probably the cell company not wanting to deliver data for ryzom :( I guess you can call them and scream at them that you arent allowed to use the internet you are paying for the way you want to... but they probably won't help any.

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Read agreement with your service provider. In France, a lot of agreement say "internet illimited in 3G" but, when you read little print, it's say "you can go on the web, only to see your mail". A lot of restriction related to your provider.

Maybe it's not that, but it's probable.

I could play with a little connexion, and big ping : ryzom is not very greedy in bandwidth.


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Not to tease you Xaniella, but to provide some more data here: when travelling i do play ryzom via cell phone. Seems in Germany e-plus (simyo) has no restrictions with regard to playing ryzom. At least i only very rarely get please waits.

This is with usb tethering on a rooted Motorola razr-i without any special settings in the firewall.

Btw, did you use the correct flavour of cheese? It's a tricky combination to get all of this right if you combine goats with cheese. Never use goat cheese for that. Also the internet packets must be able to travel freely. Therefore use holey cheese such as Leerdamer, Burlaender, or even Tilsiter. The latter can only be used with standard packet size, not with big packets, due to the hole size. Throughout is ok with all the of them: the smaller holes make it up with their numbers.

Good luck with taming the duck!

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it seems that with running two clients and streaming music I can play with little to no interruption. although more testing is require to ensure that isn't a one time only accident.

and thanks for the info Irfidel , I was using gouda. I will try swiss next time. although I have found that the duck does prefer goat cheese, go figure.

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When it seems to run better with more data traffic it might be your phone switching between cells or protocols. Maybe this helps a little bit:
http://www.pocketables.com/2013/08/how-to-keep-your-android-conne cted-to-3g-on-a-fringe-coverage-area.html


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Iphone, not Android. Just read that. Sorry :/

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yea I think thats it. when I am 4G its all good. when I'm not I still get PWs


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