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This would be incredibly helpful for speakers of the same language when grouping up. I can't even count the number of times when I needed to communicate with my group quickly and efficiently - simple commands such as "please drop", "don't follow", "Player X start running away", "You're using a sword to heal", etc. Failure and delay in communication results often times in death for an entire party.

The way I see things, voice chat should be available by default to all players in the same team, with an option to mute people if needed. Any decent solution would do, I'm not asking for state-of-the-art technology.

Sure, serious groups and guilds supplement this shortcoming by usage of a private voice server - TS, Mumble, whatever. Trouble is, simply exchanging server details with someone who joins your party is cumbersome, in a game where copy/paste doesn't work. Or rather, works if you do more cumbersome stuff, like opening a web browser to c/p stuff.

Finally, yes, I am aware of the potential abuse. Players griefed on voice chat could simply provide video+audio proof about the incident(s), just like you have to do now when ticketing someone. I believe the benefits far outweigh any and all downsides.


#2 Multilingue 

I think voice chat would be great.
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