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The beggar worked up in the sawdust near Fairhaven. He cant remember what happened...

The only thing he had were empty pockets and old, tattered clothes. Up to this he became thirsty and hungry... He walk to the nearby water and start to drink. As he realize the salty taste he spew it out and curse: "Damn water, damn place... arrrgghh" But he discover something into the water. He take a stick out of the sawdust and began to catch it. He was sceared about the sea, because he can not swim. But finaly he got it: a barrel, full of shooki liquor. "Yeay!" he shout "Now all becomes good".
He decide to walk some miles at the border of the sea, to find something, to find anything what may help him.
He dont know how much time it took but he meet somebody. It was a hawker, luckily one with a great heart. He told the beggar the direction to Fairhaven, a place where good homins life.

And with the barrel on his shoulder, the stick in his hand he goes to Fairhaven. Not just to find help, at most to find hisself and his memory.


Please excuse my bad english. I just wanna write a little story and hope all understand

#2 [de] 

A beggar in Fairhaven

When the beggar reached Fairhaven he was overwhelmed. He had never been there before. The decks and buildings on the water left him amazed. Nevertheless, his doubts also grew...

He tried to enter the city, but at the entrance he turned around because his fear of water was too great.

He sat down near the stables and began to drink from his cask. He did not notice how the time passed by, and as the dawn came, and with it an even greater hunger, he realized that it was now time for him to do what a beggar does.

"A few Dapper for a poor Homin ? " ... " Hey, you have a few Dapper for me?" He found it increasingly easier. to address passing homins; the Shooki liqueur contributed to that to a great extent.

The other homins soon cursed him, overturned his barrel, and wanted to throw him out. However, one among the homins stood between the beggar and the ruffians.

"Leave him alone !" Jazzy said , "I myself do not like him and yet he is a Homin, one of us."
The beggar heard that, and was glad that Jazzy showed him that he could find the help he sought here.

The beggar shall never forget Jazzy .

In his loneliness, and with the help of a lot of his liqueur, the beggar invented a little song that he sang again and again:

"I have no wife, I have no home,
I'm sitting here and am alone.
I'm sitting here right in the sand,
And all I have is an empty hand .
I'm looking up and asking you,
If you have a dapper or maybe two."

However, it was not long before he found that a few homins were willing to help him. One day Foolishhunter sat with him and sang his song with him. Now he had already found one friend, and Mahija was also one of those who drank with him and offered companionship. From now on, he would never be alone.

One day Brelia sat next to him. She was the first homin who asked him where he came from and how he had come to Fairhaven. The beggar began to remember some things ...

He had once had a wife and a son, but lost both . His son had gone out to fight against the kitins and had not returned home. His wife died when his house and all his possessions burned. That was all he could recall. He could remember neither his name nor what brought him to the Lakes. Still, it was good to talk to Brelia .

During this time he also met Celinia, who came every day to the beggar and gave him a smile. They could barely understand each other because they spoke different dialects, but a smile is understood in any dialect.

Every day the beggar sat in the Fairhaven, between the stables and the entrance to the city and he now met many new homins. Most also stopped and gave him a couple of dapper when he asked them. Bigs even killed a messab for him, because you can not be satisfied by dappers and Shooki liqueur alone.

On one particularly hot day the beggar got some water from Chanchey. He was having none of that, so he washed with it and continued to drink his Shooki beer or what other homins had given him.

Even when the beggar was sick, he was given help. Stiene gave him a healing potion that cured his wounds.

Zegola held a special place for the beggar. When Zegola addressed him as " beggar" he replied, "My name is not beggar ..."

"But," said Zegola, "Everybody needs a name!"

"However, I can no remember mine."

Zegola thought for a while, but then said, "Wait here for a while, I'll come back and find a name for you."

Sitting, drinking and asking for dappers from homins ... the beggar had already gotten used to this life. He did not imagine that anything would change soon.

When Eeri found the beggar, she felt sorry for the poor Fyros. She told him about the desert in which he would be better off than in Fairhaven and the Matis that he should rather avoid . She gave him in addition to the promise to bring back a few Bodoc steaks .

The beggar slept restlessly that night ... Desert ... he dreamed of dunes and of a huge city which was revealed before him. He saw a road and a burning house ... He stared at this house a long time and did not want to wake up. Even if it burned ... he missed it .

When he awoke the next day, he felt miserable . He wanted to go there, to that city ... to Pyr .

It must have been destiny that Eoda came to him and presented him with a sword in addition to clothing . She thought it would help him and he thanked her in the realization that it really would.

The beggar did not know that the next day would be his last in Fairhaven. As promised, Zegola came back to him. "I have a name for you," he said. "I've thought for a long time. It is composed of the combined words for what you are: Beggar and Fyros ... Begolas, you shall be called now."

"Begolas," thought the beggar, and laughed. He liked the name. From now on he would be called Begolas . He celebrated this day, of course, with his Shooki liqueur, and slept well satisfied as he hadn't done in a long time.

The next morning he was awakened by Eeri, but she was not alone. Lerya and Icus stood beside her. "Get up and pack your things, we are taking you to Pyr ! "

( End of chapter 1)

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Please excuse my bad english. I just wanna write a little story and hope all understand

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Lol, i love it!

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(The next chapter has not yet been played. How the story continues, I do not know.)


Please excuse my bad english. I just wanna write a little story and hope all understand

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