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To those who come to read these letters, my apologies for being late in posting them. I resolve to do better next time than to have them posted just before the next meeting. (signed) Mac'Od Bittty

21 October 2013 Ranger Meeting

There were only 13 homins at the start when Wilk Potskin arrived. This was a much smaller than usual. However, it grew during the meeting to the usual 25 to 30 homins.

Wilk started by asking if we are all present or are we waiting. Geyos stated that he was waiting for Daeronn, which caused great startlement to Wilk since Daeronn should not have been anywhere nearby.
Geyos explained that he was still waiting for his story and was being hopeful.

Cookies and Shooki liquor were passed around by Kiwalie.

(ooc)Rangini noted that the Termite mound in hidden source is "bugged". (This caused me some amusement, since one would think that any occupied termite mound would be thoroughly bugged.) She reported it to CSR's but Wilk didn't know about it -- says it will get fixed and in the future such bug reports should be sent to vradden@ryzom.com . (/ooc)

Wilk said that there were several things we needed to discuss.

First: General point about Kitins status.

Bitty gave a report on updating the maps. He has very few reports coming in especially with respect to the aggressive white kitin triples. However, there do not seem to be any additional mounds coming up.

Wilk asked us each a simple question: Have we patrolled to observe or kill kitins.?
Many of those present have -- apparently most in the process of doing other things, not as a separate action.
Kiwalie stated that she has killed many in Maiden Grove, but they keep coming back, and Daomei noted that this could be an opportunity for younger folk to earn fame and rewards, not to mention protecting their homes.

Wilk told us that he will ask us this at every meeting from here on. It would appear that he wished to remind those gathered that aspiring to be a Ranger has its obligations.

Wilk - With respect to the fact that they keep coming back, that's why we have other means -- speaking of which: Towers (Kitin Observation Camps) are being built in all lands but that is not enough. There need to be trained homins and many of them.

Second: Kiwalie gave a report on the formation of a Ranger diplomatic corps. She had only gotten a few volunteers.

Discussion of the diplomatic mission was interrupted at this point by Geyos and Zhoi who brought up the fact that the Fyros and Zorai have given their approval to have a commission recast the Treaty of Four Nations (sometimes TENANT) and the Free Trade Agreement in a manner which reconciles the memories of all homins. Zhoi was asking for a representative of the Rangers to join the commission. Wilk pointed out that the commission does not yet exist so there was no hurry.

Then followed a period of rapid talk back and forth and I'm afraid that my pen missed most of it, though some was due to a difference of interpretation of Outposts -- the drilling outposts were getting confused with the Kitin Observation Camps, which some are also calling outposts. TENANT/Treaty of Four Nations does deal with Outposts, but only of the first kind, not the second.

The meeting then returned to the task of getting volunteers for diplomatic missions from the Rangers. Kiwalie will find some ambassadors and report to Wilk. Daomei, Zorroargh, Geyos (but not for Fyros), Kiwalie herself. It was pointed out that we do not need a separate person for each of four meetings and should concentrate on the full assemblies to start with, individual diplomatic homins could attend several meetings in sequence. Kiwalie will gather more information and report back. Wilk will give volunteers a title to show that they can speak on behalf of the Rangers even though they are not Rangers yet.
Chonchon (perhaps jokingly, perhaps not) volunteered represntatives from Le Justes to be diplomatic representatives to the Marauders, since they fight the kitins as well.

Third:Wilk calls for reports on the termites status.
Rangini: Termite mound did not respond at all to any manipulations
Kiwalie: She pointed to Geyos and said he was taking care of the mound and she was roasting the termites.
Geyos: I believe I know all that is needed. Further tests have no point, except the ones involving alcohol, and those are strictly personal.
Daomei: Was working on maintaining a stable population, but has not checked recently.
Zorroargh: Daomei's report matches mine with two exceptions: We do not use alcohol in our hills, but do harvest termites for gastronomic experiments. He has made checks regularly and they are stable.

At this point Wilk attempted to close the meeting, but Zhoi stood brought a request from the Zorai Circles that she be given a meeting with Orphie Dradius or some other high Ranger official who could talk about botanical solutions and specifically about possible loction of Gilado Almati's laboratory or the method he used to grow plants rapidly. Wilk encouraged her to send Izam messages directly to her via the central Ranger office (events@ryzom.com).

The meeting was then adjourned and the next meeting set for (12 November)
Done by my hand and copied by the New Guild of Scribes (formerly C.J.A.J.S.).

A seal is affixed to each copy

The New Guild of Scribes in Fairhaven


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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