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We have started this Roleplaying Guild :)

Our guild is about an alliance against Marauders.

We will unite and hunt all Marauder NPC bosses, take all Marauder Outpost and dig for mats in Prime Roots.

We now call all Neutrals, Kamis and Karavan to Unite and join our alliance against the Marauders.

Please send in game mail for more information to our Leader Pricy

#2 [en] 

Does/will your guild encourage PvP tag ?

Dernière édition par Liverion (il y a 7 ans).

#3 [en] 

Sorry for the delay Liverion.

This guild is about other guilds joining to make this alliance against the Marauders, each guild in the alliance will have one alt in AtysUnited.

Pvp is up to all players in our guild and the guilds that are in this alliance, we would like to see more PvP.

Leader : Pricy
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