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Hi, in uni the question came up how to change movement keys from wasd to arrows or the other direction. Obviously, there is no way to do that quickly from the configuration or windows menus. Even when looking at the config files I could not find the exact place of that entry as a whole (wasd vs. arrow behaviour).

Probably the best way to change that is either the keyboard config (k key), then reassigning the movement keys (one at a time), or in the save/keys_<charname>.xml file. A workaround to do that faster would be having a copy of this file with either wasd or arrows version which one might move or rename to the right place. I do not know, though, whether it is reread by the client, on login only I guess.

Anybody with better ideas?


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go to Sytem (in game) and select ther 'Keys'.
In the section MOVE KEYS yo can reassign that to other keys.


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