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Fey-Lin was already back in Zora since a few month, and was noting all the rebuilding that had to be done. Many peoples would work at this, but many would only try to make benefit of the situation... It would be a cause of wastes, thus, Atys Preservation being one of the fundamental cornerstones of Zoraï society, she wanted to limit those wastes.
She gathered informations about official needs, and decided to involve her own dappers.

Listen homins,

From eons, trades always permitted progress. So do i send a call to foragers who may have excessing materials, in order to make a usefull trade.
I offer to buy wood, bark, seed, sap or equivalent materials from hunting, at least quality 120, coming from Witherings or Prime Roots (if relevant : choice or better) a t a price of 150 dappers per unit.

My means are limited, as dapper mounts as storing capability, and i can't move outside of the Witherings yet, so please send me an Izam (or tell ingame) so that we set up the trade.


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Dernière édition par Feylin (il y a 8 ans).


Fey-Lin Liang
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