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I'm hoping a heavy armor crafter with the HQ Matis and Fyros plans will be willing to craft this set sometime in the first week following the merge:

q50 Kostomyx Helmet (High Quality Fyros Heavy Helmet), Red, Choice
q50 Kara Parok Sleeves (High Quality Matis Heavy Sleeves), Red, Choice
q50 Kara Parok Gloves (High Quality Matis Heavy Gloves), Red, Choice
q50 Kara Parok Vest (High Quality Matis Heavy Vest), Red, Choice
q50 Kara Parok Boots (High Quality Matis Heavy Boots), Red, Choice
q50 Kara Parok Pants (High Quality Matis Heavy Pants), Red, Choice

I'm not looking for fancy stats. I'll provide all the required materials. If any additional payment is wanted, let's negotiate.

Note for roleplayers and semi-roleplayers: this is an OOC request.

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I'd be able and willing to craft the helmet... but not the other things (I've only got the Fyros plans and that will never change) but I don't know if I'll be online at the right time...

(I'll craft red Fyros Armour for my self no matter what the material quality will be as soon as possible so I'll probably put some parts in the merchant as well - just have to find my "usual" price again first in case they changed the system...)


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I can craft you a set of q50 with the HQ matis and fyros plans. Just send me a tell when we merge and ill do it for you.


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I'll be sending you a tell after the merge, then, Ciliana. :) Thank you.

Thank you, Jarnys, too, for planning to put some armor on merchant sale.
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