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Hi all,

I had problem with broken gui graphics. Borders of windows and checkboxes was messed up, cursor was house with padlock..


Many ppl from uni tried to help me, but nothing works.. ..but i had ryzom installed on another machine with Windows XP SP3, so I decided to pack this folder with good running ryzom and copy it on this first machine, and replace broken folder.. It worked! So I think, reinstalling can be way how to fix it.

For devs: Data folder with broken ryzom was smaller than OK one.. I still have copy of this broken instalation, so if any dev need more info then just ask and i will try investigate more.

I hope that can be helpful for somebody.. (I saw one new player on Arisportle with the same issue)

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Petulka --

As one of the people who was trying to help you, I want to thank you for posting this solution. It is easy to stop when you solve your problem. To take that little extra step to help others -- that is a good thing.

If I might suggest something: Edit the title to include the word "Solved"


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Thanks for hint..:)
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