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I have been saying and asking this for years and ages and still nothing happens.

General mobs in PR are x1.5 to x2 harder to kill than their equivalents in mainland, why are they still dropping lousy basic and fine mats?

Players meet up in PR for 3 reasons.

1- Digging
2- Boss hunting
3- Ganking

Why not making this place attractive for normal hunters? Why not making mobs drop valuable mats for crafting (choice grade) or something like (PR special mats).?

Something should be there attractive and rewarding enough for p2p’s and loyal players to continue logging in and supporting the community instead of doing the same old same old boring and repetitive activities. I don’t think that (reward) requires any special programming skills to change the mats values and names.

Thank you.


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This is a good thing that I've been thinking about as well. My idea has always been to increase xp multiplier on mobs accordingly, making PR a good place to grind for teams. This would make sure there is always someone in PR, and that that someone will be stupid enough to play with the Kitin patrols.

It could definately improve the amount of time people spend in PR which should be a good thing, since that improves our chance of running across Rael and the dragon.


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I think that nerfing existing content is never a good idea, you're asking for more rewards at the same difficulty.

The reward for harder mob is already there: chance to dig supreme mats.

To keep players logging on you need new, harder content with better rewards.

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Imo it wouldn't be nerfing anything. If experience were to rise with PR mobs it would actually make more of them useful. What practical purpose to most jublas serve currently (other then a good laugh because you went and punched one)?

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I would say that the fact that most of PR digging spots are either under or very close to agro mobs is already making the chalenge for digging as it is.
As for the fact that PR mobs are tougher than regular mobs - they should give better rewards for hunting them, doesent matter if it's increased experience rate or better quartered materials - prefferably both.
That wont nerf the mobs, nor will it make it easyer to forage in PR. It will give people a reason to hunt PR mobs instead ofdraging them on Tribe guards.


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There's a very good reason Pr mobs give crappy exp - PR mobs are supposed to be obstacles, not farming.

If an MMO always has reward perfectly balanced to effort, you get a conundrum where the hardest places become the easiest places - because the hardest places give the greatest effort, they fill up with veteran players farming them all the time.

PR is a supposed to be a difficult place to go to or travel through, and making something a difficult place in an MMO is only possible in exacly the way Ryzom did it - making it a greater effort without a greater reward.

That said, I'm all for PR mobs dropping choice mats. I don't think that would make people farm them, as most would still go for the exp. Taking on a more difficult challenge for a few mats is exactly what the PR should be for :)
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