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Hi !

I'm an admin on the french version of this encyclopedia and I'm looking for some other admin or someone "above" my status to know if it's possible to put some captcha or something to limit spam. There are one or two fake accounts created by day and I'm kinda sick of delete content and block the IP everytime...

If someone can help... !

Thanks Aristople people !

-- Sobek, sleeping Zoraï on Aniro.

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If you go to the WikiMedia website you can find this page


I didn't read it in detail, but it would appear that there is an extension for introducing Captcha into the account process.


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Thanks ! I'm gonna read it !

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I'm the technical dude for the wiki. I'll make some updates on the wiki software and add some anti-spam extensions this week so the problem should be resolved then. I'm busy right now moving the Armory page to a new server, so it might take a few days.

yours Cotare


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Thanks a lot for your reactivity ! CeNobiteElf came to me very quicly on the commons also.


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I updated the wikis to the latest version and added a few anti-spam/anti-vandalism extensions. Hopfully that helps...

If you see any bugs that come due to the updates, please tell me and I'll try to fix it.

yours Cotare


The Ryzom Armory - like being ingame while offgame :)

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I saw the changes ! I'll tell you if anything goes wrong...
Thanks a lot :)


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Encyclopatys is down. Does anyone has a way to recover? If it is not possible to host yet, I have a alternative.

The main thing is to not lose years of work, if possible.

Edit : Encyclopatys is up, thank you all :D

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