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#27 [en] 

/showOnline <mode>

where <mode> can be one of:
0: everybody (guild, people that have me as a friend, and people on my ignore list) (default)
1: guild and people that have me as a friend
2: guild only

This is now partially implemented (server side only). For those that want to limit their online visibility to guid and friends, type:

/a showOnline 1

To only show online for guildmates do:

/a showOnline 2

To revert to default behavior, do:

/a showOnline 0

There is no feedback yet. I will try to add a short confirmation message in sysinfo for next patch,

#28 [en] 

Forgot the flip side.....this is a two way street remember.

If ya wanted to avoid someone, now you don't see that they are on line. Since this was brought in by the chat announcements....a feature I find duplicative and annoying frankly, it could have been justy removed and the friends list left alone.

Also, it's a nice little tool for hiding when one creates F2P alts to camp boss spots 24/7 as is being done in Loria. A behavior which the support page (Help / Support / Camoing / Kill Steal) says is a "no no".

"someone is continually killing monsters and not giving other a chnace to do so"


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